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Dentists always prefer to save natural teeth whenever possible, but there are times when a tooth extraction is your dentist’s only option. If you’ve never had an extraction, it sounds scary, but the procedure is painless and very quick.

What’s the Typical Tooth Extraction Cost?

Our fee for an extraction varies, depending on the tooth’s condition and the reason for the extraction. To learn your cost, you will have to have one of our dentists examine your tooth and decide how difficult it would be to extract. Simple extractions are less expensive than dental extractions. When you call for an appointment, let us know if you have dental insurance; this will also affect your total cost.

What Is a Surgical Tooth Extraction?

With dental, or simple, extractions, there’s no incision; a dentist simply grasps the tooth and pulls it out. With a surgical extraction, an oral surgeon makes a small cut in your gum to reach an impacted tooth or a broken tooth where there isn’t enough of the crown visible for a dental extraction.

When Is Getting a Tooth Pulled My Only Treatment Option?

If your tooth is badly decayed and causing you excruciating pain, your dentist will see if a root canal and crown can save your tooth. If the tooth is too far gone, an extraction to stop the pain is your only treatment option. After your extraction, your dentist will suggest a bridge or a dental implant to replace the tooth. Below are other times when an extraction is the only feasible treatment option.

When Do Dentists Suggest Removing Broken or Cracked Tooth?

Our dentists are skilled at repairing teeth, but we cannot always save your tooth. If you have a decay-induced broken tooth with severe, extensive decay, and a root canal isn’t possible, your dentist will suggest pulling the tooth. A tooth with a vertical crack reaching up to the root usually isn’t salvageable either.

Can My Child Have a Baby Tooth Pulled?

While baby teeth maintain space for the adult tooth, they don’t always fall out on their own when the adult tooth is ready to emerge. If this happens, or your child has a badly decayed or infected baby tooth, one of our dentists will pull the tooth. Call us to make an appointment for your child. Our dental team excels at making young patients comfortable.

Will a Dentist Pull a Loose Tooth If I Have Periodontal Disease?

Untreated periodontal disease has severe consequences, including making your teeth loose. Teeth extractions are common when the disease destroys the bone and ligaments holding teeth in place. If you have a loose tooth that is bothering you, one of our dentists will extract it.

Why Are Impacted or Emerged Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars. The teeth are often problematic because we don’t have jaws large enough to accommodate them anymore. Impacted wisdom teeth often don’t break through the gum because they are growing in at an odd angle or there is no room for them. This can lead to pain, swelling and infections. If we find this happening through x-rays, we will refer you to an oral surgeon. If your wisdom teeth have broken through your gums and are pushing up against your other teeth or they make it impossible to keep your back teeth clean, one of our dentists can extract them for you.

Why Would I Need Extractions Before Having Orthodontic Work Done?

If you are getting braces to relieve overcrowding or to correct protruding teeth, extractions give your remaining teeth space to straighten out. This is probably the only instance when having teeth pulled out improves your smile. Call us to request an appointment if you need extractions before getting braces put on.

What Are the Aftercare Instructions After Tooth Removal?

Your dentist will explain how to keep the extraction site clean to avoid an infection without disturbing the blood clot closing the site. You’ll also have a list of things you cannot do in the first 24 hours, which you should heed to avoid a painful condition called dry socket. You can expect minor discomfort and swelling for a day or two; this is normal and your dentist will suggest ways to alleviate your discomfort.

How Long Does a Tooth Extraction Site Take to Heal?

If you rest for at least 24 hours after the procedure to give your body time to recuperate, tooth extraction healing takes about one week. If you have a molar extracted or a surgical extraction, the site may take up to three weeks to heal.

If you have to undergo a tooth extraction in Miami, call us at (305) 306-9250 to arrange an appointment. Your dentist will make sure the procedure is as stress-free and painless as possible.

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